SGMimiMailer - A Cocoa Wrapper For Mad Mimi

One of my favorite new blogs is Dan Wood’s software marketing blog. Dan writes a post or so a week with tips and best practices for independent developers like myself to improve our marketing efforts.

In a recent post, he wrote about email lists being an excellent way to engage with potential and existing customers. Having had Second Gear mailing list for a little over a year now, I certainly agree.

Signups for the Second Gear mailing list have for the most part been based off of customers who have purchased one of my products or the customer physically signing up via the sidebar of many of the pages on This has netted a relatively decent sized list, but I’ve long wanted to be able to prompt users who download a trial of Today or Check Off to subscribe to the list. Panic, SmileOnMyMac and Karelia are just a few examples of companies that are already doing this.

As luck would have it, my mailing list provider, MadMimi, offers a REST-based API that allows you to capture new signups among other things.

I spent some time last night wrapping the capturing portion of the API and have posted it to my Github page as SGMimiMailer. SGMimiMailer is a standalone class as well as an example project that shows you how to prompt the user for their email address.

The SGMimiMailer class itself really isn’t that complicated, but since I couldn’t find an existing wrapper, I thought I’d share my work. At this point it does just wrap around the Add Audience List Membership method, but it can certainly be expanded upon. In addition, the code uses garbage collection as it targets 10.5. I stopped worrying about retain cycles when I quit the iPhone.

If you have any feedback on SGMimiMailer, please let me know. Hopefully someone else will find it useful.

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