2010 Year In Review

We’re nearing the Christmas holiday, and as part of my blogger license I am contractually obligated to write up a year in review piece that highlights some of the things I have done over the past year. 2010 was the most successful year in Second Gear’s history and filled with many ups and downs.

January: Today 2 Ships. The year started off strong with the shipping of Today 2. The release was pretty successful and was well received by the press and users alike. I just recently updated Today 2 to be ready for the Mac App Store and am starting to brainstorm what I want to do for version 3 in the next year.

January: Indie+Relief. The crazy thing about Indie+Relief was how long ago it seems. It doesn’t seem fathomable that it was just back in January that Garrett Murray and I gave up a week of our lives to put together this giant charity drive for Mac and iOS developers. It was by far the most personally rewarding thing I did this year.

April: Today for Classic Mac. I’ve always wanted to do an April Fools gag for Second Gear, but never could come up with a decent idea. This year I finally found an idea that suited me and went for it. While it didn’t get as much attention as I would have hoped for, it still makes me laugh whenever I see the Today Classic UI.

May: IRQ Conflict. My radio show was cancelled at the tail end of 2009 and I still had the itch to do some sort of semi-regular show. Luckily my friend Mikel Berger was game and came on board for us to do IRQ Conflict. Our initial goal with the show was to not do just another technology podcast and I think the short length and the dynamic of a Mac and PC developer debating the topics gives it that uniqueness.

Summer: I spent a good chunk of the summer getting married and moving. I also watched a ton of TV. Software? Not so much.

August: Elements. After publicly vowing to not build anymore iOS applications last year, I ate my words and shipped Elements 1.0 in the late summer. I honestly had no idea what to expect in terms of response to the application. I built it to scratch a personal itch and threw it online in case others might enjoy the application too. It’s now the best selling of any Second Gear product and it’s first day sales skyrocketed above any other launch I’ve done. Crazy.

September: MarkdownMail. This was an interesting project that came up completely by accident as I was working on testing Markdown integration for Elements. It hasn’t sold nearly as well as Elements, but it has a small and loyal crowd that loves it.

October: Shareables. To complete my Return to iOS Trilogy, I shipped an app that I have wanted on my phone for quite a while. Shareables doesn’t get more than a few downloads a day and is hard to explain to people, but I use it daily. If anything, I hope I can find a way to get more people to use the application in 2011.

What else does 2011 hold? I’m not really sure. I used to make company goals, but every time I look back at them my focus has changed so much that they are no longer relevant. This year, I’m just going to continue building on the current products I have and see what comes out of Apple with Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5. I am certain those will shift my directions once more.

May will be the five year birthday of Second Gear. We should celebrate.

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