Christina Warren Shows Me Her Pixels

After people emailed me asking if “Show Me Your Pixels” was just going to be a showcase of developer at work screenshots. Absolutely not. The goal is to highlight the workflows and layouts of all types of creative people. Yes, maybe even a Windows user or two. This week I am happy to share with you the desktop of reporter, blogger, podcaster and movie addict Christina Warren.

Christina Warren's Desktop

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Christina Warren. I’m a reporter for, a news site that covers social media, marketing, technology, and Internet culture. I also co-host a podcast, Briefly Awesome, with Dan Benjamin on

What apps do you jump between most during the day?

TextMate (my desert island app of apps), Chrome/Safari/Firefox (depends on the task but I tend to keep Chrome and Safari running most of the time),, Adium and Propane (kickass Campfire client that is well worth the money). Those are the standards but I also have Photoshop running most of the time for editing images and graphics and I also have LittleSnapper, Twitter 2 and my Fever SSB running most of the time.

What app is your secret weapon/essential?

TextMate. As a writer for the web, I find Markdown (or, MultiMarkdown to be more precise) to be essential to my workflow. My friend and former TUAW colleague Brett Terpstra customized his Blogsmith Blogging Bundle for TextMate to fit my needs at Mashable when I joined. The TextMate license fee and the meager amount Brett charged me for his services are some of the best money I have ever spent. Ever.

I also have to add a shout-out to LittleSnapper, Dropbox and CloudApp. I take so many screenshots that LittleSnapper really comes in handy for acting as a great place to store images or grab DOM elements from a certain page. Likewise Dropbox is how I keep document synced on my desktop and on my laptop and I also love CloudApp because it makes it easy for me to share screenshots or files with my colleagues in a fast, frictionless way.

What app doesn’t exist that should to fill a void for you?

As much as I love TextMate and Brett’s bundle, I would really love to have a scriptable – like deeply scriptable – tool that could do rich publishing for the web. Scrivener and MarsEdit are both great apps, and both come close, but if I had the ability to add in the various scripted and linking elements of TextMate into crafting valid HTML markup that could then get published directly to WordPress (and would let me upload images directly from the composition window), I’d be set. Admittedly, this is a very personal and selfish app request.

Launchbar, Quicksilver, Alfred or…?

You know, I used Quicksilver for a long time, then moved to Launchbar. For whatever reason, I haven’t installed Launchbar on my iMac in quite some time – but I should add it back. I use Alfred on my MacBook Pro and enjoy it. Right now, I find that a combination of Witch and Spotlight do the trick. I’m moving in three weeks and I figure I’ll use that as an excuse to reformat/spring clean my computer.

Show Me Your Pixels is a recurring series on carpeaqua where developers, artists and other creatives from all walks of life share an at-work screenshot of their desktop. No minimalism. No cleanup. Just real-world work environments. You can view previous installments.

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