One month ago I announced that I leaving San Francisco and going back to Second Gear full-time. That plan has been in motion for the past few weeks and has me writing this post on a couch in my hometown of Evansville, Indiana after selling everything I own, driving three days from San Francisco to Denver and flying from there to Indianapolis. I’ll figure out my living situation in the next few months, but for now free couches and the quiet comforts of Indiana during the holiday season doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.

This week I released the first new Second Gear app as part of the Second Gear comeback tour. It’s called Committed and it’s available now on the Mac App Store.

The best software is something that scratches your own itch, and that’s precisely what Committed does. As I started collaborating with other developers on projects I found myself consistently checking the GitHub web site to see when code was committed to a project I was working on. This would happen consistently first thing in the morning as well as periodically through the day if I was waiting on a piece of code to land.

When Apple shipped Mountain Lion with its Notification Center feature, a light went off in my head. It’d be really useful to be notified of these code submissions via alerts that are queued up in Notification Center.

I spent a few nights and weekends hacking together a proof of concept of the app over the summer to do the bare minimum of what I was interested in. When I was faced with what to do next, polishing up Committed and releasing it on the Mac App Store seemed like a great way to remind people what Second Gear is about: making great productivity apps. Committed is currently the top paid application in the Developer Tools section of the App Store, which is all the validation I need to know I made the right career path choice last month.

I don’t have any expectations to get rich or live off the sales of Committed. It’s definitely a niche app for an even more niche market, but it’s something that I have been using every day for the past few months and I hope others will find similar use from it.

Download Committed on the Mac App Store

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