How To Remove Teams From Xcode's Organizer

As someone who obsessively organizes the directory structure of his Mac, and spends even more time pruning the desktop, I’m annoyed when there’s something I can’t control or update. For several months I have been annoyed by the Xcode Organizer showing a variety of former teams I was a part of in its listing. These listings weren’t doing anything to harm my development process, but they were a mild annoyance anytime I’d work with the Organizer.

After much experimentation, which even included manually editing crazy plists and XML files, I finally figured out how to cleanse the Organizer sidebar of teams you no longer want listed.

  1. Launch the Keychain Access app (/Applications/Utilities/Keychain
  2. Select “Certificates” from the Categories listing on the left.
  3. Delete any expired certificates related to Mac or iPhone development.
  4. Delete any non-expired certificates that are for teams you’re no longer a member of.
  5. Quit and relaunch Xcode.
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