Zack Arias Reviews the Fuji X100s

My current camera of choice is the Fuji X100. It’s small, easy to take with me everywhere, and shoots high quality photos. It also has abysmal autofocus performance and unusable manual focus, which is why I’ve been looking forward to Fuji’s updated X-100s that was announced at CES this year.

The reviews of the new X-100s are coming in. Zack Arias says it is the greatest camera he has ever owned.

After my first day of shooting with the new S I realized something. Fuji really listens to all of us. Every single complaint that many had about the original x100 has been addressed. Everything I have seen people request in the update is there. The autofocus is leaps and bounds beyond what it was. Manual focus… get this… actually works! Image quality is fantastic. Same perfect focal length on the 23mm f2 fixed prime. It’s just an awesome camera.

See also David Hobby’s review.

My camera isn’t scheduled to ship until the middle of next month, but I’m planning to write up a review from the perspective of someone who spends a lot of money on a camera, but really doesn’t know what he’s doing.

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