That's So Morin

I have long had it on my to-do list to write a post about some of the underlying reasons I decided to leave San Francisco after just nine months. The primary reason, of course, was I decided to go back to Second Gear full-time, and paying nearly $3000 a month in rent isn’t worth it when you’re self-employed.

Under the surface though, the toxic startup culture and attitude is what did me in. Vanity Fair’s interview with Path’s Dave Morin more than sheds some light on the subtleties of the toxic valley culture than I think most imagine. With things so quotable as:

I don’t use a ring of any kind on my phone. This is so that I am always on offense and never defense .

And so sad as:

I’m in meetings all day and all night.

Morin exhibits the traits of so many people I met in my short time out there.

It wasn’t enjoyable for me to be surrounded by founders who believe so much of their own bullshit tech press that they become completely out of touch with reality, and developers who felt they were well on their way to achieving that same status.

Yes, I’m aware that not everyone in San Francisco fits that generic mold, but when you’re in a profession with so many that do, I found it more reasonable to escape to the mountains of Colorado than fight a battle I didn’t care to be a part of.

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