My Favorite Stories From The Boston Bombings

Yesterday I sat glued to the television watching the events in Boston Massachusetts unfold, much like I did back in 2001 during the last major domestic terror event. Luckily, this time wasn’t as destructive as the attacks on 9/11, but the impact will likely be the same going forward: not just heightened security, but an impressive showing of human resolve.

After a few hours yesterday, I turned off the news. Mostly because I couldn’t take seeing the same clips over and over, but also because I knew nothing new would likely be announced until this morning. New details are out about the what and the how, but we still don’t know the why.

In addition to the news stories being reported, the stories of the people impacted by the attacks are starting to come online. These stories of the heroes of the attacks are what I really am interested in reading when I am questioning how someone could do something so heinous. These are a few of my favorite pieces that are worth your time:

In Grisly Image, a Father Sees His Son - Tim Rohan of the New York Times.

I Watched The Marathon Bombing From Above. These Are My Photos - Ben Levine, a PR professional in Boston writing at Deadspin.

Lake Stevens runner just feet from blast in Boston - Bill Sheets of The Herald.

Terror and tragedy strike the world’s finish line - Dan Wetzel, one of my favorite writers, for Yahoo! Sports.

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