Apple Will Never Lose At Photography

If you watched Apple’s iPhone 5s announcement, you saw how much of a focus1 they put on the camera improvements for their new top of the line smartphone. This isn’t anything new. It seems like every year’s iPhone update pays special attention to improving the image quality the iPhone outputs.

As I’ve been using an Android more as my primary handset, I’ve come to realize just how far ahead Apple is of the competition in the mobile photography space. It’s not even close. I have been testing Motorola’s new Moto X handset and there is a lot to like about it, but the camera quality is abysmal compared to the iPhone.

Here are two photos I took last evening at dinner at the Denver ChopHouse. The first one is with the Moto X. The second is an iPhone 5. I did zero retouching on either photo.

Moto X

iPhone 5

Here is both the full resolution for the iPhone 5 and Moto X for your comparison as well.

It was a very low-lit restaurant, so I’m not expecting to have the highest quality of shot out of either camera, but the differences are still astounding. You can see how noisy the iPhone 5 photo is, but in terms of color and clarity, the Moto X can’t keep up. It looks like it is the quality of something I shot with the original iPhone.

The HTC One I carry primarily has a slightly better camera than the Moto X, but I still have never found the quality of the photos output from it to be on par with what my iPhone produces either. I don’t know what to attribute Apple’s camera magic to. Whether it’s hardware, software, or just that they care more than any other manufacturer I’m not sure.

All I know is that for everything that Android and Google are getting right these days, they still haven’t gotten close to touching Apple in the area that is of utmost importance to me: photo quality.

Bring on the iPhone 5s.

  1. No pun intended…well, maybe a little.

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