About carpeaqua

Justin Williams AvatarHi. My name is Justin Williams and I am the crew chief of Second Gear. I am currently living in Denver, Colorado.


If you’re interested in hiring me, check out my resumé. If you are a recruiter, I likely won’t respond unless you send me a photo of an adorable puppy.

About This Site

carpeaqua has been my online home since January 15, 2003. Through various iterations and content management systems, it has always been a place for me to share my thoughts and ideas about technology, sports, pop culture and more.

The first iterations of this Web site ran on MovableType before transitioning to Wordpress in 2005. In January 2007 carpeaqua switched to using Tumblr for a year before transitioning back to Wordpress. The site is currently running on Jekyll and hosted on Microsoft Azure.


You can find me on a variety of social web sites; my username is usually “carpeaqua” or “justin”.

  • Twitter — Random musings
  • Github — Contributed Mac OS X and iOS code
  • Tumblr — Videos, quotes, audio and more that doesn’t fit here