CocoaRadio Hiatus

I just published Episode 19 of CocoaRadio, my short podcast that talks technical about Mac and iOS development with various people in the community. This week I was joined by Ben Scheirman of NSScreencast to discuss how to improve the network layer code in your application.

This will be the last episode of CocoaRadio as we go on what I am calling “Fall Break”. Doing the show itself isn’t that much work. I’m lucky to have built a pretty good list of contacts in the development community who are happy to come on and do the show. I just need to schedule times, get on Skype, and chat for 30 minutes. It’s really fun!

The rest of the world around it, however, is making finding time to do a show I am proud of is much harder. I’ve realized over the last few weeks how insanely overcommitted I am right now in both my personal and professional lives, so I am working to make some changes to get some semblance of balance back. The first thing making the cut right now is the podcast, because it’s the easiest to get off the plate. There are plenty of wonderful podcasts out there, so I’m sure you can find a suitable replacement while I recharge my batteries.

I enjoy doing CocoaRadio and working with my longtime friend and producer Tony Voss on the show. We have been working together since 2008 on radio projects of all varieties. We will be back, once my plate gets a little less full. Thanks for listening.

Glassboard Shutting Down

I announced this over on the Glassboard blog, but we are shutting down. Why? I failed to turn it into a sustainable business.

I have a laundry list of things I think I got right, and things I screwed up on in this whole ordeal. I’ll write them up when I feel like I can get through it.

Duct Tape and Glue

Anyone that says software is ‘expertly crafted’ is lying to you. Eventually it is all duct tape and glue.

The Bubble Will Implode

Ariel Michaeli, friend and founder of AppFigures:

[F]ounders are flexible but also focused on their goal. Help them get there faster by throwing more money on the problem and they’ll take it, but give them less and they’ll still figure out a way to get it done.

Ariel’s list is a good one and aligns with a lot of my feelings on the state of technology investments today. $1 Billion for Instagram at the time seemed insane. The valuations of companies after that have gotten even worse. Just yesterday Reddit got injected with $50 million. Why does a web site need $50 million versus $10 million, or even less? Your guess is as good as mine.

CocoaRadio - Jay Graves on Provisioning Profiles

This week on the podcast, Jay Graves of POSSIBLE Mobile joins me for a deep-dive into provisioning profiles. Jay knows more about these things than anyone I know after spending the last few years wrangling builds at Possible (formerly Double Encore), and has always been my go-to person when I run into issues.