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Four weeks ago this Thursday myself and four other ridiculously talented people were laid off from our jobs at Hipstamatic. In the time since then we have all been trying to figure out what was next.

I personally took several coffees and interviews with companies in the Bay Area as well as other cities around the country. Many of the opportunities would be lucrative. Some would be interesting. Others had a high probability of seeing an excellent payday if I stayed around long enough. None were exciting though. Nothing I heard or saw really got my mind racing with ideas and excitement about what I could accomplish there.

In the end, I kept coming back to what I used to do full-time: Second Gear. I started Second Gear the day after I graduated college and it was my full-time job for six years, up until January when I packed up and moved across the country to the Bay area to try out startup life and see what life was like outside of my Indiana bubble. What I learned is it’s not for me.

So, I’m back full-time at Second Gear. Reviving my company and focusing on products of my own is what gets me excited and what I love doing. It may not be as lucrative or sexy, but it’s far more rewarding in other ways.

I’ll be splitting my time between doing my own products and contracting work 1 for the time being while I replenish the coffers. Updates to Elements are in the works and I’ve already submitted a new app to Apple for review that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks.

While I’m returning to the job I left at the end of 2011, I’ll also be saying goodbye to the city I left it for: San Francisco. In three weeks time, I’ll be loading up a rental car and driving what remains of my belongings to Denver, Colorado to start an all new adventure in an all new city.

I don’t regret my excursion West to get something that has been in the back of my head for so long out of my system. In the end, it was what I needed to realize what I’m best at doing: my own thing.

Back to work.

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By Justin Williams

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