Fighting Back

Like most people in my bubble, the US Elections didn’t exactly go how I planned.

There’s been a lot of handwringing about how to best fight back against an administration that you and other like-minded folks are staunchly against. While I’m all for a good bit of slacktivism as much as the next guy, I’m trying to extend my anti-Trump rhetoric beyond just a safety pin and a few angry tweets.

Staying Informed

I admit that I have tuned out much of the news and politics over the last decade. As the right has gone farther right (and the left farther left), I have been left on an island in the center feeling unrepresented. Sticking my head in the sand and ignoring the issues hasn’t exactly worked out that well, so now I’m focused and paying attention.

Keeping up with the daily news of what happens in Washington, locally in Denver, and even globally is more important than ever.

The Affordable Care Act is flawed, but it’s also the only way I have been able to get healthcare in the last few years. I’ve long been rejected for individual coverage because I take anti-depressants. I’m otherwise a healthy, fit 34 year old. But my one $25 a month prescription was grounds for Anthem, United, or whomever to reject me. For all its flaws, Obamacare fixed that for me. If Donald Trump and his party want to repeal the ACA, they damn well better have a better solution. I’ll be paying attention and ready to judge that.

Supporting The Press

Beyond just paying attention to the news, I’m putting my money towards journalism more directly than just eyeballs through ads. I’ve subscribed to both the New York Times for my national news coverages and the Denver Post for local coverage.

The approximately $20 a month this costs me won’t pay anyones salary, but my hope is that if newspapers have a bit more money to work with, they can focus on keeping our leaders honest instead of just keeping their lights on.

Supporting Your Causes

I am not much for protesting, a bit too busy to work a phone bank, and way too socially awkward to run around trying to collect signatures or whatever people with outgoing personalities do. I am however able throw a little money at problems.

I have long been a financial supporter of the EFF, but my donations to other causes have either been nonexistent or one-off as I felt necessary. No more. I’m now a recurring supporter of the causes I care about and want to help protect.

You don’t have to support these, but if you are able, I’d recommend finding a group that you do align with, and supporting them however you can.

By Justin Williams

This is a two sentence bio. There are many like it, but this one is mine.