DigitalOcean Migration

If you can read this, then everything has moved successfully. I’m now hosting the site on a server at DigitalOcean rather than on Azure. Why? Predominantly performance. Azure is notoriously slow when it comes to MySQL, apparently because it’s outsourcing the database to a third-party company rather than hosting it themselves. I was faced with either running my own virtual machine instance of MySQL myself or moving somewhere else. I used that as my opportunity to evaluate other options.

I settled on DigitalOcean based off referrals from friends, but also their one-click WordPress install and ample documentation. I haven’t run my own VPS in a while, so I was a bit rusty in remembering all the nooks and crannies I needed to cover to secure a Linux system. Thankfully, there are plenty of first-party tutorials provided.

Hopefully the speed increase of carpeaqua will motivate me to write more than I do. Every time I sat down to write something before, I’d get annoyed at how long it was taking for a request to process. Now things are instantaneous. I’m running out of excuses.

If you want to check out DigitalOcean, click or tap on this referral link. You get $10 in credit and I get a little kickback too.

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